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About Pacific Ocean Group

Pacific Ocean Group of Companies is one of the oldest trendsetters in the market for Diversified group of areas. The Group has a success story spread over more than 20 years, expanding its horizon from Retail Mall Management, Premium Vehicles – on Demand, Consultants for Safe City Projects, Trading & Services and Real Estate Marketing & Project Management. “We, at Pacific Ocean Group are determined to be the market leader focusing on customer needs, offering reliable products and services, meeting and exceeding customer expectations, supported by trained and motivated workforce; striving for consistent growth and contributing to the well being of society.” Pacific Ocean Group of Companies has earned excellent reputation because of its highly trained, experienced, multinational, dedicated and professional workforce. Personnel of Pacific Ocean Group of Companies have extensive skills operating in both hostile and peaceful work environments. That is why Pacific Ocean Group of Companies is one of the fastest-growing service companies in Pakistan. Our unique management style is to promote talented employees to make them work like a family to achieve the best results for our customers. Our senior and middle management is a mix of local and foreign qualified experts and our managers have a proven track record, with real-world experience and seasoned expertise which has enabled Pacific Ocean Group Of Companies to rapidly grow and succeed. Pacific Ocean Group Of Companies is a talented blend of youth and aged experience. In addition, the Pacific Ocean Group of Companies' team from top to bottom has dedicated itself to maintaining a safe working place for our employees and insuring we create safe services and products for our customers. We also recognize our company’s responsibility to protect the environment and insure that safety is a key element in all of our proposals and contracted operations. The Group's future plans and growth matrix are strategically designed for further portfolio diversification in different sectors, focusing on green energy & Environmental projects.

Vision & Mission

  • The vision of Pacific Ocean Group is to be recognized as a market leader locally and Internationally. Taking inspiration from the past, setting milestones in the present, we continually strive to unravel the opportunities that the future has in store. Tapping the vast pool of available equipments and our efficient manpower, we believe in transforming opportunities into advantages. The dream of expanding our capacities and working with zeal to implement new ideas and innovations has kept us ahead.


  • Building profitable businesses on innovation, solutions, reasonable price, excellence in performance, empowering employees and sustaining long lasting customer relationships.


Our Core Values

  • Pacific Ocean Group touches the lives of thousands of people every day. Over the years, we have demonstrated our unique understanding about Pakistani and International market and specially the customers’ needs. Our customer-oriented marketing strategy ensures that Pacific Ocean Group is able to create consumer loyalty in, virtually, every business it operates. 

    Consumer Focus

  • Each of our diversified businesses is independent and self-contained. Each of them endeavors to be a leader in its industry segment. With a professional and dedicated management team, Pacific Ocean Group is determined to stay ahead of its competitors and lead the way through innovative and progressive systems. Guided by the strategic vision of its President & CEO Mr. Muhammad Aamir, Pacific Ocean Group will continue as a leader in its field while pursuing even more ambitious goals.

  • Pacific Ocean Group businesses operate as self-sufficient units and constitute independent profit centers. Yet all of our business activities complement each other and give the group strategic advantages and help diversify the business risk. The company has been able to achieve success in each of the diverse businesses due to the wealth of marketing talent and technical expertise employed in each of its divisions. Our entire work force has been meticulously chosen for competence in their respective fields and yet forms a successful integrated whole.
    Diversified Businesses

  • The Pacific Ocean Group is financially strong and has a solid asset base. Substantial reserves and other resources further support the group’s financial strength.

    Strong Financial Base
  • Pacific Ocean Group possesses an extensive marketing and support staff network for each of its businesses. Through our strong local presence, the Group has forged ahead to become a name to reckon with in the business landscape of Pakistan. Our reputation has been built by consistently delivering high quality products and personalized services to each of our customers. 
    Local Presence

  • With its Main Office in Japan for over decades, Pacific Ocean Group understands that the only way to stay ahead is to cater to a global market. The group has already begun to think globally and has formed enduring business associations with a host of international companies. 

    Global Outlook